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Bellows and Covers


Reduce Expensive Maintenance and Down Time

Protect your Equipment Investment

When bellows and covers are fitted to machinery, expensive maintenance costs and down time can be reduced or eliminated. Choose to protect exposed lead screws, ball screws, splines, shafts and other machine components with Joyce bellows and covers.

Joyce provides a full line of standard and custom manufactured bellows and covers. These are sewn into round, square, rectangular, C or U shapes with collar or flange ends. Curtain bellows and platform skirts are also available. Bellows and covers are made from coated fabrics, and offer higher durability and greater abrasion resistance than molded boots. A wide variety of fabrics and coatings are available to withstand both machine and environmental conditions at temperatures up to 550° F.

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Request a Quote using our Online Bellows Configurator. Simply click the "Online Bellows Configurator" button and choose the bellows shape, size and material. Tabs at the top of the page will guide you to select options, sizes and end condition. When a request is submitted, a drawing is instantly emailed to you and the quote will follow within 1 business day.