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Joyce geared potentiometers are ideal for precise positioning applications.

Using a 10-turn potentiometer, a signal is provided as either a change in resistance or current (when supplied with a 4-20mA instrument transformer), which is proportional to the actual position of the screw. Geared potentiometers are commonly needed when PLCs or computers control jacks.

  • POTA = 0-10 volt signal (IP65)
  • POTB - 4-20 mA signal (IP65)

Additional Options

Geared potentiometers are available with upper and lower mechanical limit switches. These are common SPDT cam operated switches used for end of travel limits or set points. The standard operating voltage is less than or equal to 48 V. (An operating voltage of greater than 48V is available upon request.)

  • POTC - 0-10 volt signal with 2 limit switches (IP65)
  • POTD = 4-20 mA signal with 2 limit switches*

Ordering Information:

Since geared potentiometers are mounted directly onto jacks and actuators and their specific selection is dependent on ratio and rise, they are specified as part of the complete part number. Refer to the ordering section for the products on which they will be used.

Compatible with:

Product Media


Note: Drawings are artist's conception - not for certification; dimensions are subject to change without notice.

Design Information:

Geared potentiometers are available on wormgear design jacks of 2-ton through 150-ton capacity. They include a slip clutch to prevent damage due to over-rotation but should always be inspected during installation to ensure that a full range of motion is available throughout the jack travel.

Geared Potentiometer Electrical Characteristics
Resistance 10 kΩ
Resistance Tolerance +/- 5 %
Linearity Tolerance +/- 0.25%
Load Capacity 2 w at 70°C
Standard Residual End point Resistance Greater of 0.2% or 1Ω
Operating Temperature -20°C to 80°C
Expected Service Life (shaft rev) 2 x 106
Housing Aluminum
Instrument Transformer Characteristics POTB and POTD
Supply Voltage (+u8) 24 VDC +/- 20%
max. Load impedance (R8) <500 Ω
Output Current (imESS) 4-20 mA 24 V DC ±20 %, with load ≤ 500
Operating Temperature -20oC to 80oC
4-20mA signal increases as screw extends
Jack Capacity POTA and POTB "A" POTC and POTD "A"
2 Ton 6 3/8 8 1/4
2.5 Ton 6 1/4 8
3 Ton 6 1/4 8
5 Ton 7 8 7/8
10 Ton 7 7/8 9 7/8
15 Ton 7 7/8 9 7/8
20 Ton 8 1/4 10 1/4
25 Ton 9 10 7/8
30 Ton 9 10 7/8
35 Ton 9 10 7/8
50 Ton 10 7/8 12 3/4
75 Ton 12 1/4 14 1/8
100 Ton 12 1/4 14 1/8
150 Ton 12 1/4 14 1/8
Order Codes Rating
POTA 0-10 V IP65
POTB 4-20mA IP65
POTC 0-10 V with 2 limit switches IP65
POTD 4-20mA with 2 limit switches IP565
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