MKA Miter Gear Boxes

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MKA Miter Gear Boxes

MKA Miter Gear Boxes

Joyce MKA miter gear boxes are specifically engineered for use with Joyce jacks and actuators in multiple jack systems. These heavy-duty miter gearboxes are rated for 3,000 inch-pounds torque @ 100 RPM. They feature ductile housings, and steel input and pinion shafts. Standard miter boxes are 1:1 ratio, but other ratios are available. MKA gear box housings feature flanged base mounts which differ from the RC series gear boxes.

Ordering Information:

Miter gearboxes are important components in jack and actuator systems and it is important to select the best option based on torque requirements and rotational configuration. Refer to the list of part numbers for each miter box size.

Product Media

  • Ductile Iron Housing
  • Spiral bevel gears
  • Steel input shafts with keyways 
Model No. Max. Torque Rating* (In LBs.) A B C D E F G H J K L M N P Approx. Wt. (Lbs.)
MKA 3,000 12 8 2 1/4 5 1/2 8 6 7/8 9 9/16 11/16 1/2 1/4 x 1/8 x 1 1/2 1.0005 0.9995 .1 31/32 4 9/16 2 1/8 33
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