Bevel Gear Jacks BG450 (100 Ton)

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Bevel Gear Jacks BG450 (100 Ton)

BG450S, BG450D

Joyce BG450S and BG450D bevel gear jacks with a 100-ton static capacity, offer higher efficiency and greater speed than other mechanical screw jacks.  As an added benefit, these mechanical actuators also act as miter boxes, making them an ideal choice for multi-jack systems. As many as three output shafts may be specified for mounting motors, limit switches, readout devices and other accessories. BG450 jacks with single lead screws (S series) provide the benefits of a self-locking screw, and bevel gear jacks with double lead screws (D series) offer even greater travel speed.

  • 4 ½" diameter lifting screw
  • Choose one of four standard end conditions
  • Protective boots and other options are available
  • Right hand and left hand screw threads are available
  • Load capacity is dependant on configuration
  • Joyce/Dayton can customize to your specifications

2D/3D Drawings

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Product Media

  • Ductile iron housing
  • Lifting screw, 1045 CDS
  • Aluminum bronze traveling nut (KFTN)
  • Input shaft CDS

Sample Part Number:

Click on the part number to reveal additional informaton about jack designs and shaft codes.

Model Number

Joyce Bevel Gear® Jacks
BG150S BG1500S
BG250S BG150S
BG375S BG150S
BG450S BG150S

Jack Configuration

Jack Configuration
Upright Bevel Ball Actuator configuration Inverted Bevel Ball actuator conversion
U= Upright I= Inverted

End Conditions

Jack Design

Actuator Design
Bevel Ball Translating Actuator Example Keyed for Non Rotation is not a standard Option Bevel Ball Actuator- Traveling nut example
S= Translating Keyed for Non Rotation N= Travelling Nut

Bevel Ball Actuator Rise

Bevel Ball Actuator Rise
Rise is travel expressed in inches and not the actual screw length
Shaft Codes
Three shaft codes must be specified for each jack. Electronic and mechanical limit switches may be substituted for the shaft code per the tables on this page.
STDX- Standard
XXXX- Input shaft no required
When ordering with only one input shaft, it is recommended to order the following configuration: XXXX-STDX-XXXX

Additional Options X= Standard Jack, no additional options X= Additional Specification Required (comment as necessary) Protective Boots B= Protective Boot D= Dual Protective Boot Finishes F1= Do Not Paint F2= Epoxy Paint F3= Outdoor Paint processes ACME Screw L= Left hand Screw Screw Stops ST0=Extending

Model Dynamic Capacity Upright Assembly: Screw-in compression/ 
inverted assembly: screw-in tension
Upright Assembly: screw-in tension/ inverted assembly: Screw-in compression Screw Dia. Screw Pitch/Lead Bevel Gear Ratio Pinion Turns for 1" Travel Pinion Torque (In. Lbs.) Screw Torque Jack Efficiency Jack† Cooling Time Base Weight (Lbs.) Add for Each Inch of Travel (Lbs.)
BG450-S Please
or contact Joyce /
218,000 lbs. 200,000 lbs. 4 ½" .500P ACME 2C 3:1 6 .125W* .356W* 21.9% 262 min. 650 5.5
BG450-D* 218,000 lbs. 200,000 lbs. 4 ½" .500P / 1.00L ACME 2C 3:1 3 .154W* .438W* 35.5% 262 min. 650 5.5

Important Note: *Not self-locking, may lower under load. Brake motors or external locking systems are recommended.
D: Double Lead Screws.
S: Single Lead Screws. These jacks are self-locking.
*W: Load in Pounds.
Pinion Torque: The torque required to continuously raise a given load.
Screw Torque: The torque required to resist screw rotation (translating jack design) and traveling nut rotation (keyed for traveling nut design).
Lead: The distance traveled axially in one rotation of the lifting screw.
Pitch: The distance from a point on the screw thread to a corresponding point on the next thread, measured axially.
†: Cooling time based on time to cool from 200°F to 70°F (ambient).

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